Norwegian Hunts

Lowlands takes great pride in bringing you our Norwegian hunting opportunities. This is an extreme hunt and one needs to be up to the physical challenge that is hunting in the Norwegian Mountains.

The area we hunt is known as Jordalen and the closest town is Voss which is very well known for is ski resorts and winter sports calendar. Your flight will land at Bergen International airport and we will fetch and transport you to the hunting area. Accommodation is usually in small mountain cabins which are very remote, but make access to the hunting area easier. The catering will be done in line with your requirements but good food is of utmost importance when in the mountains. Thermo regulation and energy regulation are of vital importance and a mistake up here can lead to a life threatening situation. As far as possible we will try and introduce you to a lot of Norwegian cuisine and all meals are produced in a farm style typically Norwegian style. A lot of venison will be used on the menu to give you experience of eating what you hunt.

The hunting area is massive and extends 500 000 hectares of pristine mountain tundra. The scenic beauty of this area is unmatched. It is an absolute privilege to hunt this area. Photographic equipment is a must and a videographer can be arranged.

Access to the hunting area is only on foot. No vehicles of any sort maybe used. In the case of someone who is physically challenged a helicopter maybe used to drop client in area and take them out. Any animal shot must be extracted on foot and only the stomach may remain on the mountain. This is an extremely difficult hunt and it will challenge you both mentally and physically.

Your professional hunter will brief you on the gear you will need for your safari and it is best to get this on your arrival in Norway. Really good quality weather proof clothes and boots are essential.

Rifles are available in Norway and maybe hired from the professional hunter. Back packs and some other specialized gear will be supplied at the cabin. First aid and emergency services are on stand buy.