Symon's Ranch Bulls

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Sale date: 15th of July 2011, 12 o’clock
Viewing on the 14th of July from 2 PM

Herd Status:

  • 962 cows with calves at foot
  • 212 2 year old heifers running with the bull
  • 326 14 month old heifers
  • 116 14 month old bulls
  • 40 2-year old bulls
  • +- 35 x 3 year old bulls , 50 x 2 year old bulls 150 x incalf cows


History of Symon's Ranch Bulls

The story of our cattle is one which stretches over a period of 80 years, and encompasses three generations of our family. The economic and social conditions prevailing during each generation have influenced the kind of cattle bred, and also how the cattle have been changed by the selection criteria set by each generation. It is indeed extremely difficult to determine any particular chosen path down which the herd has been developed, but like most stockmen, we have each in turn followed our noses, remained independent and done what we believed to be right. There has not been any magic formula – simply, a love of cattle, hard work and common sense... [click here to read more ]


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Symon's Ranch BullsSymon's Ranch BullsSymon's Ranch BullsSymon's Ranch BullsSymon's Ranch BullsSymon's Ranch Bulls