Los Vega: Part 2 – Picture Postcard Memory.


Vega Island – the Los Vegas of Roe Deer hunting in Norway.  What a privilege and amazing opportunity to be able to hunt one of the greatest World Heritage sites in Scandinavia.  As you would have read in ‘part one’ this island network of 6500 islands and islets is one of spectacular beauty and is […]

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Los Vega : Part 1 – The Los Vegas of Roe Deer hunting in Norway.


Vega is a small Island located in the Norwegian Archipelago in the Noordland County.  This area is a World Heritage Site and consists of 6500 islands.  The Vega Archipelago on the Helgeland coast comprises 1037 square kilometers of open cultural landscape made up of a myriad of islands, islets and skerries. Fishing, trapping and hunting […]

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My First Guide: The beginning of a life long rodeo….


Junior school was rushing buy and even at this young tender age there was no confusion in my mind what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I wanted to be in conservation, work the outdoors and use wildlife to take me to amazing place, work with amazing animals and surround myself with […]

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Crushed Steel……..


In memory of Billy Bryley. In the hunting field we prepare ourselves mentally as Pro hunters for that day when things go wrong and some one is hurt or god forbid  killed under out supervision. The ever present danger when hunting big game is high on the list of concerns and daily life in a […]

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Arrow in pig!!


Warthog are often viewed as a comical and a ridiculed animal of the African savannah. These animals however pound for pound are some of the toughest there are on this continent. Aun Egil a good client and friend from Norway desired to shoot one of these tough customers with his bow and arrow on a […]

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